History of Schoolhouse

Norwood School House, sketch by local artist, Barbara T. ShoemakerNorwood School House
Officially known as Norwood School due to its location near Norwood Creek, the school was also known as Trou​tman Graveyard School. In the early 20th century NC recognized the importance of education and many schools were built across the state in response. This school was built in 1906 with the first classes held in 1907. 

Many of the teachers were also family members. All known teachers were posthumously honored and recognized at our annual reunion in 2006 as their names were memorialized on a plaque that resides in the schoolhouse. 
The school eventually fell victim to consolidation in 1927. It is now considered to be one of the best examples, if not the best example, of the schools built during this era. It stands as a testament to the efforts of countless family members that have contributed to its creation, preservation and restoration. 

School Fight Song

Courtesy of Glenn Lee Compton

Old happy day that made us glad,
That mades those Oswalts feel so bad.
Our teacher taught us how to spell,
And not to get mad at what they tell.
Old happy day that made us glad,
And made those Oswalts feel so sad.